Orford Shrimps Playgroup
Orford Shrimps Playgroup

Orford Shrimps Playgroup: 

Here at Orford Shrimps Playgroup we have a long and fruitful tradition in the education of pre-school age children. Shrimp’s setting was established in 1974 by parents at that time to satisfy an ever increasing need for early years’ care in this rural community. Shrimps setting caters for the younger child with the inclusion of two and a half year olds. We have Charity status, are Ofsted inspected, Social service registration, pre-school learning alliance affiliation and highly trained staff. We are a stepping stone for the younger generation, preparing them for the rigor’s of main stream education at Orford CEVA Primary School. By the time the children are ready to go into the school, they are already familiar with the school setting and the school layout. With a 1 to 4 adult child ratio, a safe, secure and relaxed setting; we feel this will give your child the good start they deserve. Shrimps Playgroup is dedicated to the welfare and well being of children and its care is instrumental in the development of eager  minds, setting out on the never ending quest for knowledge.

We are located at:

Orford Shrimps Playgroup

School Lane,

IP12 2LU

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Opening Times

Open during school terms

Monday 8:30am to 3.00pm


Tuesday 8:30am to 12:30pm


Wednesday 8:30am to 3.00pm


Friday 8:30am to 3.00pm

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